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Full Legal Disclaimer

Please see disclaimer for Sam Pirt Psychic Medium below

Full Legal Disclaimer

All psychic readings and services both free and paid from SP*aare for entertainment purposes only and intended to empower you to take responsibility for making the best choices for yourself.

I reserve the right to refer you to the appropriate professional if you present a situation or condition that is outside my scope of practice.

I am not responsible for any action or inaction on your part as a result of your consultation or any other service I provide. You agree to take full responsibility for your life, including your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Your life is your responsibility.

Consultations are confidential. However, information on abuse or crime that is revealed in a session or conversation may have to be reported to the proper law enforcement or governmental authorities.

No opinions or information expressed in any digital media or private consultation with Sam Pirt or 'Sam Pirt Psychic Medium' is to be considered as any kind of medical or psychological diagnosis or treatment for any condition. Information provided is for general information purposes only. Do not ignore advice from a qualified professional, health professional or GP based upon any digital information or consultation by me.

All psychic readings and consultations are intended to offer an insight into a person’s personal life and do not in any way, constitute legal, financial, or professional advice. By engaging in a reading with any psychic, you understand that psychic experts do not diagnose illnesses, including questions pertaining to pregnancy and death.

You understand that SP* cannot make any warranties or guarantees regarding the information she provides and that she cannot be held responsible or liable for the actions you take as a result of the session. You are completely responsible for any actions you take after any consultation.

Disclaimer for Live Audience & Online Evenings:

You have paid to witness a Demonstration of Mediumship.  This demonstration is a form of experiment; no claims are made and results cannot be guaranteed. You are not guaranteed a personal message. You may see or hear things which you may not have experienced before.

Disclaimer for Private Readings:  


This reading is a form of experiment; no claims are made and results cannot be guaranteed. The medium is not here to tell fortunes but to try to give evidence of survival which may include a glimpse from spirit as to the overall situation of the individual at that particular time. He/she can only give communications received through his/her own spiritual connection.


SP* cannot be held responsible for clients being unable to access Zoom or online events due to equiptment failure at their side.  He will make it as easy and clear as possible for people to connect to the online events and workshops.


Meditatons should not be carried out while operating heavy machinery or driving

Stay Scammer aware

He will:

▪︎Never Send you a Friend Request

▪︎Never ask if you want a free reading

▪︎Never ask you for money

▪︎Never send you a 'link' to register your

▪︎Have any spelling errors or ' or -

in name. 

▪︎Never ask for Bank details.

▪︎I will NEVER Video call you, without arranging it beforehand.

*Sam Pirt, Sam Pirt Psychic Medium & SP Psychic Medium



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