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What to expect from a Reading

Leave Any Expectations At The Door:

It is so important during a reading to have an open heart as well as an open mind.

If you are fixed about who you want to hear from, you may not recognise the details of another person that comes through who wishes to communicate. Often the Spirit Communicator who comes through is someone who has something to say about a current situation in your life or may be someone who would understand your present situation.  They may also be someone completely different to whom you expect!

It Is a Medium’s job to understand the need for your Reading?

Occasionally you may only require a psychic reading. That gives you guidance as to which direction you are going in your life and Spiritually. 

In these instances you may not receive any spirit communication. BUT, the way Spirit works is, they always know what you need from the reading.  

Which means ‘We only receive what we we need at that paticular time’.

Never Feed a Medium – Let us Tell You:

Dont let any information you tell us colour our blank canvas.  Let us tell you.

Sit Back, Relax & Enjoy:

Sometimes you may not be able to take all the information right there and then.

I will supply pen and paper for you tso you can write down any information you may not understand, perhaps when you get home, you can look into it.

This is time for you:

The time in the reading is very special. It is your time to spend with those who love you in the Spirt. Sam will do his best to try and make you feel relaxed and comfortable so you have everything you need for an enjoyable reading. 

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