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Sam Pirt Psychic Medium
A Voice for Spirit

Sam Pirt Psychic Mediums intention is to bring the love, light, inspiration and Joy from Spirit. 

He only gives what he gets and connects to Spirit with his down to earth approach,

making it accessable to everyone.

He is a Medium that brings the love, light, Inspiration and Joy from Spirits messages. 

He does this with an intention of love.

He must always state that all his readings, events, livestreams and Podcasts are

for entertainment purposes only.

But he hopes that you can see that his intention is only one of love and

bringing the messages from Spirit and being,

A Voice for Spirit 

"A wonderful Medium"  Craig Morris

"Clearly has a wonderful gift"  Chris Conway



Please contact sam via this website


SP Psychic Medium

Appears on the Friends of Derek Acorah Facebook Page

As seen in Take a Break's Fate & Fortune, September 2022

He appears occasionally on the channel SPTV Spiritual Psychics TV

SP Psychic Medium / Sam Pirt Psychic Medium

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they have had from

Sam Pirt Psychic Medium

Book a 1:1 Reading
(£45 for 40mins)

Services Offered
Readings with Spirit
Platform Mediumship
Tarot & Oracle Card Readings
Crystal Ball, Feather & Rock Readings
Usui Reiki Treatments & Training

Mentor Programmes
Workshops / Training Events
Free Livestreams & Podcasts

He is also a Musician
To find out all about his music
Accordion Outdoors

About SP Psychic Medium

My past and present involvement in the paranormal 

I am a Psychic Medium; I have been developing as such for over 15 years and am passionate about this work.  In that time, I have carried out many paranormal investigations all over the country and have also been a part of a number of teams:

**I was a member of KAPS Paranormal then Compass paranormal with Barrie John.  I worked alongside him at many events as part of the team, and also worked alongside Kieran O'Keefe on a charity investigation as part of the team.

**I am a qualified Usui Reiki Master and have treated and trained many people in this lovely healing practice.

**I am very busy doing Live and Online events, Private 1-2-1 readings and busy on my page SP Psychic Medium.


**I am currently presenting shows on Spiritual Psychics TV on YouTube and carry out Mediumship Demonstrations and Readings.  

** I am also a presenter and part of the Friends of Derek Acorah Facebook Page team.  


**I make appearances at many different Spiritualist Groups and churches and lead services for them.  

SP Psychic Medium is also a Guest Medium on various

Paranormal Research York events.

Find out all about Paranormal Research York,

Click on the image below:

SP Psychic Medium also does occasional evenings

with Psychic Rotations.

For more details click the logo below

to be taken to Psychic Rotations Website








To find out more information about the services

SP Psychic Medium offers along with prices,

click the button below or go to 'Services' on the website or email



Feel free to get in touch with any questions regarding Readings, Live Events, Tickets and any other questions.

For Reading Enquiries, Questions about mentorship or anything else; Please use the form below

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