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Online Mediumship Mentor Programme

There are 2 types of Online Mentoring

With all Sams mentoring programmes, his aim is for you the student to find your voice in mediumship.  To find the way you work with Spirit and make you the best medium you can be.

Though it takes time, you will get a lot back from the programme and you will enjoy as Sam and his guides will guides you along your Spiritual path of development and discovery.

Online Group Mentoring (places still available)

This is £30.00 per month

This is a weekly class that is ongoing and meets usually on a Monday on Streamyard.  The group meets for terms taking a weeks break on holidays, rotating the subjects of Mediumship and its mechanics, Tarot & Oracle Card Readings and Philosophy.

There are opportunities to do practice readings on this programme.

If you are interested please get in touch to set up a discussion



1-2-1 Online Mentoring

This is very similar to the class above, but it is all 1-2-1. 

There are still opportunities to do practice readings on the programme.

As it is 1-2-1 the sessions can fit into when is a good time for you.

Sam will work very closely with you to make you the best medium you can possible be.  

Your 1-2-1 Mentorship will be built around YOU and your needs in terms of learning and gaining experience.  Looking at all aspects of mediumship and self-development.

If you are interested please Message for more information


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