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Spooky Forest
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Spooky Forest

Paranormal Research York

Sam Pirt Psychic Medium appears at various PRY Events as a Guest Medium

Paranormal Research York (PRY) run many great Ghost Investigations in the wonderfully historic

and haunted City of York.  

SP Psychic Medium appears at various events as a Guest Medium as part of the PRY Team along with Francesco his husband.  Helping the guests to have a great night and to connect to the buildings and the Spirits that still reside in these wonderful building.


PRY has used many great venues over its history.  It has investigated buildings like York Castle Museum, The Merchants Adventurers Hall, Bedern, Fairfield Manor, York Grand Opera House, The Black Swan and many more... 

AND has some great venues lined up for investigations, so book your place on one now!

TO BOOK A Paranormal Research Ghost Hunt

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